Football on September 11, 1876

September 11, 1876, Monday – The Boston Daily Globe


Notwithstanding the rain this afternoon, the customary match game of foot ball was played between the Sophomores and Freshmen—the classes of ’79 and ’80. Both classes appeared upon the campus at 2 o’clock, being about equal in numbers. The match game was for the best three in five.

The “Freshies” gave the first “warning,” and, contrary to all precedent, kicked the ball over the Sophomores’ goal, after a hotly-contested game, lasting twelve minutes, during which several fouls were made. The success of ’80 was warmly cheered and applauded by the spectators.

The next three warnings were won by the Sophomores, the games occupying respectively twenty-two, five, and sixteen minutes. Although the Sophomores thus got the best three in five, yet the Freshies rightly feel elated over the effective resistance they offered, since usually the Sophomores “walk through” a Freshman class in from one to three minutes in their first match game.

From “The Lost Century of American Football


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