1st Army-Navy Game in 1891, by Walter Camp 120 Years Ago

November, 1891 – Outing Magazine

Walter Camp Reports on the First Army-Navy Game

… Speaking of the importation of the game leads us to a new phase and one which promises even a more extended progress of the game than that through the schools and colleges. In 1890 a match was instituted between Annapolis and West Point and the enthusiasm provoked was remarkable. The West Point men had not enjoyed the same privileges as their more fortunate opponents in the way of previous outside matches, nor had they played the game in preceding years, as had the Annapolis men. In spite of these odds they put up a very plucky fight, and it is safe to say that if the game once obtains a foothold among these men its fascinations will make themselves felt so strongly as to perpetuate it wherever they go.

These men are making a study of the art of war, and there is no sport known that in its very nature so mimics that art as the game of football. The tactics, the formations, the strategies, the attack and defense, all belong equally to the military commander and the football captain.

English and American commanders have both recognized the similarity of the football tactics to the tactics of war, and more than one has said that a good football player will make a good soldier….

From “The Lost Century of American Football” – www.LostCentury.com


Army-Navy Football 119 Years Ago Today, Dec. 10, 1892

Army-Navy Football Game Image 119 Years Ago Today!

Army-Navy Football Game Image from Harper's Weekly, Dec. 10, 1892

From “The Lost Century of American Football” – www.LostCentury.com