Harvard vs Yale Football 136 Years Ago, Rules of the Game

November 13, 1875, Saturday – The Boston Daily Globe


The Harvard foot-ball team of fifteen men left for New Haven yesterday to play the Yales today. As a special reduction of railroad fares had been effected, quite a number of Harvard men accompanied the team. They will be the guests of the Yales at the New Haven House and will return home early tomorrow morning.

The team is composed of the following persons: Morse, ’74; Faucon, ’75; Bacon andHull, ’76, Cate, Seamans, Curtis, Cushing, Keyes,Leeds, Tower and Herrick, ’77; Thayer and Wetherbee, ’78; and Blanchard, ’79. Owing to an injury received last spring and aggravated this fall, Mr. Whiting will not play, but will accompany the team and probably act as umpire.

Concessionary rules have been adopted which make the game neither Rugby, Harvard, nor Yale. There are to be no “have it downs,” no “touch-downs,” no distinction between a “drop” and a “punt kick.” Any kind of a kick over the pole is a goal.

Captain Whiting has kept his men in good practice since the games with Tufts and Montreal, and the Yales have long been contemplating this game, some fine sport may be expected.

From “The Lost Century of American Football” – www.LostCentury.com


Football 135 Years Ago This Week in 1876, Tufts College

September 27, 1876, Wednesday – The Boston Daily Globe


From the enthusiastic manner in which the incoming class has taken hold of foot ball, the College expects it to furnish some good men for our College eleven, and it is hoped that we can put a stronger team into the field this fall than ever before.

According to a custom of the college the Sophomores challenge the Freshmen to some game soon after the beginning of the college year. The Sophomores have already challenged the Freshmen to a game of foot ball, to be played one week from this afternoon, by Tufts’ rules.